Exploring New York with Autographer
Picture taken with Autographer
Autographer clipped into clothing

Pioneering change

Autographer has been pioneering the wearable camera market since the launch of the world’s first wearable camera in 2012. As a result of the rich user feedback from our community we’ve been rapidly evolving the functionality, product design and applications that are required to bring the benefits of companion cameras to the wider global market. Our dual focus on solving the underlying technical challenges of the category whilst also developing the market and our commercial operations have been gaining strong traction but stretching our resources. Based on our learnings from the last few years we believe we can achieve more for the market by focussing our efforts on creating the enabling technologies for the category and working through large global brand partners to bring future devices and functionality to the market.

This means that we will no longer be manufacturing and selling the Autographer device in its current guise. We remain committed to support our existing Autographer users and collaborators and are very proud of what we have achieved together so far. You’ll see less of us on our social channels for now but rest assured we’re busy acting on all your feedback to enable the next generation of companion devices and services.

Simon Randall, Managing Director


Great things happen
when you're least expecting it

Regular photos are staged, posed, framed – but life just isn’t like that.

More often than not, by the time you pull out your camera - the moment is gone.
Autographer is different. It's a wearable camera that records life as naturally and spontaneously as it happens.

It automatically captures those special moments - taking high quality, wide-angle shots all day long. The result is a series of images which uniquely represent the mood, the environment and the atmosphere of the moment.

Autographer captures toddler eating ice cream

 The first ice cream
of Summer

Antibes • 21

Holi One Festival 

Battersea Power Station • 10

Autographer captures Holi Festival at Battersea Park
Autographer capturing visitors to Edinburgh Castle

Hands-free outside
Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle • 

Toddler and mother playing in Autumn leaves - captured by Autographer

Playing in the 
Autumn leaves

Antibes • 10


Handing out medals at 
Wings for Life World Run

Silverstone • 

Wings for Life World Run captured by Autographer
Autographer captures indian village children playing

A few hours with 
village kids in India

Kolkata • 11

Always on. Always Ready.

There's no need to worry about being unprepared for those special moments.
Autographer has it covered.

Its five clever sensors work intelligently to shoot just the right times - leaving you to free to enjoy living your life.

When the day is done download your images and effortlessly create and share stunning galleries, stop motion movies and time-lapse sequences with the smartphone app and desktop software.

Add a valuable new dimension to your photography. You can wear it or mount it on a range of photographic accessories such as tripods, windows, bottles or doors and naturally capture life from different perspectives.

Autographer in the news

Rachel Riley and Jason Bradbury discuss Autographer

Behind the scenes with The Gadget Show!

Autographer was one of only three products hand-picked by Jason Bradbury for a TV segment that was filmed at the UK’s largest Wearable Tech Show. Jason said "I love the Autographer! Amazingly, it can shoot 2,000 pictures a day so those bits of life that would normally be missed will be recorded".

Jonathan Ross introduces Autographer on his show

Jonathan Ross shows off his Autographer

Popular UK chat show host Jonathan Ross showed off his Autographer (a Christmas gift from his wife which he says was his favourite present) and walked the audience through a series of images he took on a recent family outing. In his inimitable comedy style he even included a couple of (family friendly) images from a visit to the bathroom!

"Wish I had this 25 years ago"

Steve McCurry, Magnum Photographer

"...it does provide the type of image you wouldn't capture on another camera"

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